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Setting Sail, Coming Home Cover
I’m coming back
From the place that she sent me
When I didn’t know my worth
Teeter at the tip
Wait for the wind to help me fly
I was alone, still am
Break my walls down, help me feel
I’ve been gone for far too long
I carve a pit, you carve yourself
I waver, you never looked back
But I escaped and you stayed
I know I’ll always be okay
And you build your wall, I’ll break it down
Can’t let you stay there so long
I’ve been there, I got out alive
It’s okay, you go on and cry
My shoulder can bear the weight of tears
Unload it all on me, dear
So build your wall, babe, it won’t hold me
Your pain will be gone, hold on.
I will do anything for you.
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 0 0
Here's to Us
Here’s to the fun things
That we used to do
On our free days
I don’t really give a damn
Let’s not make more future plans and oh oh ohhhh
Yeah I don’t know about you but
I am kinda sick of this plot
So I’m walking out the door
You can’t hurt me anymore
Not a care in the air but
They’re all stuck in my head
You know?
Here’s to us (uh-oh)
Here’s to us
Here’s to us (uh-oh)
Here’s to
Clicking on the backspace
On our
Good and bad memories
As I
Move away from this place
Here’s to us
Here’s to us
Here’s to being strong when
Everybody’s pushing you down again
Cuz through all the smiles and frowns
And my heart getting smashed down
I never lose, I only get stronger
Here’s to us (uh-oh)
Here’s to us
Here’s to us (uh-oh)
Here’s to
Crying over mistakes
Here’s to
Realizing when it’s too late
Here’s to
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 2 8
I cared too much from the start
I got too attached; that wasn’t smart
They say life isn’t fair
And the price I pay is my heart
I need you to be there
But you need me out your hair
There are too many problems I’ve caused
And the price I pay is my heart
You said you love me; lawl
You said you’d never let me fall
That’s hilarious, because you did.
And the price I pay is my heart
The jar is closing, twist closed the lid
I’m tired of finding roles to fit
Dizzy after too many twirls,
And the price I pay is my heart
Open your eyes, little girl.
You’re too naive for this world.
Love can’t possibly exist.
So why am I paying with my heart?
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 0 4
People are people
Freewill, fee minds; don’t control
Possessions are wrong
Needy needy girl
Made you my world; stupid
Naw I pay the price
Are you done? Tell us
Catch my heart in ivy trellis
If you’re through, tell me
Bumpy roads, bumps aren’t meant to be
Lies, lies; lies and deceit
Lies, lies; lies trapping me
Cage my heart, ivy cage is on fire
My need to leave’s extreme; dire.
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 1 60
Why did I make you go?
You're the only
One I can't bear to know
That you had these thoughts and these feelings
And I only made
But Baby,
I love you so
You're breaking
My heart as you go
You believe I wouldn't notice if you hadn't told
But I swear to you.
I would.
You're my best friend
Stick with you 'till the end
There's too many times
Where the going got rough
When the going gets tough
I'll tough it out
I'll smooth it out
Oh darling,
It's not always your fault.
I'm sorry
I made it seem so hard
It may have been hard
But strength is a relative thing.
I have strength in me
So believe me when I say
That I'm fine that I'm happy
Believe me when I say
I don't want you to leave me
Believe me when i say
That I'll love you forever and more
'Cause you're a forever girl.
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 1 2
Mature content
All Alone :iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 2 11
Love You From Afar
You're beautiful.
Yes, it's a strange word to describe a guy
But you are.
The words hot and sexy do not apply
Because your beauty has been all I can think about
For days, even weeks.
Your skin, the color of tan sand;
Smooth like the shifting sand
Unmarred, you're skin is the envy of many
I want to stroke your face, slide my hand down it
Romantically and have you love it as much as I would
Your eyes, the warmest chocolate brown
Symmetrical along with being the perfect size
Long luscious lashes lining your eyes
And the eyelids that hide your
Lovely, expressive
Eyes when you blink
Close so gracefully
Your lips, oh your lips
More plump than the most imperial pillows
The clearest pink color; definable.
And after your tongue wets your lips,
They stay that way for a while,
The spit drying on your lips as you talk
Melting me, I'm now a puddle at your feet
I imagine they'd be soft, the most
Comfortable to kiss.
I'd love to kiss you on your luscious lips
Your scent; the smell of your cologne
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 7 25
An Age Gap
You've got me hot and cold
And shy and bold
And truth be told
It really makes me feel even
More in love
This kinda sorta love
This hu-uge crush now
I'll understand if you don't feel
The way I'm feeling oh
I'd like to at least talk to you
An actual conversation now
An age gap
An age gap
Keeping us apart but you've stolen my heart oh
An age gap
An age gap
Yes I understand
But I still want you holding my hand
Floating in the clouds when you grant my your smile oh
I wanna rejoice when I hear your voice yea
I really wanna shout it when you turn around
Boy you got me feeling this way
I'll understand if you don't feel
The way I'm feeling oh
I'd like to at least talk to you
An actual conversation now
It's how no one ever looked my way (and remembered me)
When I look at you I can't look away (you've got me captivated)
With one glance I wish I had a chance (but there's nothing I can do)
The least I can do is try to be your friend
I'll understand if you don't feel
The way I'm feeling oh
I'd like
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 4 15
On Sadness and Crisp Fall Air
Crisp fall air
The same air that once filled me with joy
Now drenches me with sadness
Over what we left behind
Over what is now gone
And it won't ever be the same
We can't ever hope to replicate it
Crisp fall air
The same air that once made me
Open my eyes wide and smile
Now I close my eyes and
Try not to become too down-trodden
Try not to drag everyone down with me
Crisp fall air
And joy went hand in hand
Arms swinging together strolling down the street
Hands intertwined
They went hand in hand
Crisp fall air
Has broken away
Can't revive itself
Because it knows
That as surely as the wind blows
What they had was gone.
Crisp fall air
And sadness go hand in hand
Each wishing to break away
And go back to what was before
But they trudge down the street
Hands limply connected
Trying to let go but sticking together
Not by their will
But by their promises
The life they had known departed
Another began
And thus others begin
And the other begins
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 0 22
Crossroads of Love
I changed.
A butterfly emerging from a cocoon,
I fly.
Yet there are times when I veer off course.
Like now.
A boy that makes me feel
I am Queen.
A friend
Who barely acknowledges me
And would fight me.
To continue to see him,
I must annihilate a friendship.
At a crossroad,
Which road should I choose?
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 1 0
Mature content
Scraps of Paper :iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 1 6
Eat Garlic
There's a place with a yard
Somewhere near the boulevard
Where they eat pizza
Eat it re-eks of feet (uh)
Because they
Eat garlic
When they
Go there
Because they
Eat garlic
Everybody eat garlic
There's a place I know
Where the pizza's horrible
The staff never does chores
And the atmosphere's a bore
Well they wanna spice it up
But they spice it down
Because they
Eat garlic
Everybody eat garlic
:iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 0 3
Mature content
Rude People :iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 1 80
Mature content
Chocolate Cake :iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 10 13
Mature content
Prince Charming :iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 7 21
Mature content
As The Heavens Weep :iconladyxaim:LadyXaim 2 0


The rain
Listen to the rain
Listen to natural melody of pain
The rain
Why does it symbolize pain
It's beautiful, it makes things sparkle
Glitter, Gleam, Glow
More majestic then snow
The beautiful sound of heavenly droplets
The rain is a goddess
With a history of shamed glory and fame
The rain washes us free
Takes our tears of our cheek
And keeps them for her
The rain doesn't show pain anymore
But a butterfly, coming out to explore
Let the rain wash sins and rise again
Now sounds like
:iconstrawberryshawty:StrawberryShawty 1 2
Me: "I love you"
Her: no response
Me: "I love you"
Her: no response
Me: "I love you"
Her: no response
Me: "Can you love me back?"
Me: "Can you love?"
Me: "Can I love?"
Me: "What is love?"
:iconmasterkarrot:MasterKarrot 1 2
Grey river by Syntetyc Grey river :iconsyntetyc:Syntetyc 4,227 130
Forgive me
I will end your suffering
I am your healing light
Is what I am doing right?
You need saving.
But saving from what?
Or maybe it's me
Maybe I ruined you
Your sky is no longer blue
I never meant for this to befall you
I am sorry
Sweet sister forgive me...
Forgive my sin
:iconwhitewolf614:WhiteWolf614 5 4
goldfish by kir-tat goldfish :iconkir-tat:kir-tat 6,425 221 Whispering Heavenly Nymph by kir-tat Whispering Heavenly Nymph :iconkir-tat:kir-tat 6,767 179 Commission: Hannah by Zippora Commission: Hannah :iconzippora:Zippora 595 54 Commission: Ashe by Zippora Commission: Ashe :iconzippora:Zippora 841 26 The Guys by sakimichan The Guys :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,727 441 Yukata GUMI by Aka-Shiro Yukata GUMI :iconaka-shiro:Aka-Shiro 4,810 122 Gumi gumes by oceantann Gumi gumes :iconoceantann:oceantann 2,421 146 GUMI and Rin by grkoch GUMI and Rin :icongrkoch:grkoch 1,302 68 GUMI by Daiyou-Uonome GUMI :icondaiyou-uonome:Daiyou-Uonome 731 32 Kenshin by Clange-kaze Kenshin :iconclange-kaze:Clange-kaze 151 52
Can I just...?
Shh. Be quiet.
Tap something.
Keep going.
Deep breaths.
"Are you okay?"
I'm pissed.
"Yeah I'm alright."
Walk away.
Or you'll hurt her.
"You sure?"
"Yeah, why?"
Please don't notice.
"You're eye..."
Anger issues.
"Nervous twitch."
Now leave.
You'll hurt her.
Breathe. Slowly.
I t ' s . N o t . W o r k i n g .
"Calm down"
Fuck you.
Leave me alone.
"I am calm."
You'll kill her.
Grab your leg. Don't hit her.
Slow down.
Walk away.
Walk back.
You're hot. Get some air.
Grab her.
Hit her.
Kill her.
Wipe your lip.
It's bleeding.
Ow. Knuckles bruised.
They're staring.
They're scared.
You don't care.
Walk away.
Smile internally.
:iconcrayonvshighlighter:CrayonVsHighlighter 8 4


:iconclubtamaki: :iconouran-high-da-rp: :icontherandomalliance: :iconartexpression101:


So, because I'm a horrible person, I haven't been on here since July or so *sorry, sorry* but I'm partially back... School is a lot of work and I don't have time to be on here, really. Sorry guys! But I'll be on long enough to respond to your comments. Just won't be posting much new stuff.




Here's a little quiz thing, since I was tagged by ~nightglowingembers ;P I didn't bother to look at the rules or anything and I'm not tagging anyone else but here we go!


1. When taking photos, do you use an actual camera or your phone camera more?

My phone >.< I don't carry my camera around and it's really crap so I don't use it.

2. Favourite drink?
That would really have to be coffee *yay for coffee!* or rasberry lemonade mixed with sprite. Yeah, that's right. I'm fancy, motherfluffers ~.^
3. Favourite thing to put on waffles?
Honey, whipped cream, and strawberries. You will never see me eating waffles with just syrup.
4. If you could get tickets to see one artist/band/group live for free (and all your travel and shit was sorted), who would it be?
I'm really not sure. I've seen P!ATD and FOB, who are my favourites. I guess it'd have to be the Arctic Monkeys, because I really love them!!
5. Are you like me and swear all the fucking time or not?
Haha, actually no. I don't swear much, I really try not to >.<
6. Are you going to be watching Sherlock's third season this autumn or not? (another reason to love autumn x'D)
Yes, but I haven't seen the other ones so I have to watch those first XD
7. What's the funniest thing you've done recently?
I was standing and then I tripped #wat
8. The last dream that you remember?
My old physical science teacher (who is a man) was haunting the girl's bathoom and then I met a cute guy and got in a ninja fight with a freshman #wat
9. The last thing that you read?
Vamp Yourself For War. Okay writing but great plotline.
10. Do you put your playlists on shuffle or listen to them in order?
Why, shuffle, of course. Any other way is WEIRD XD
  • Listening to: Lying-P1ATD
  • Watching: That one movie...
  • Eating: Hot dogs and salad
  • Drinking: ORANGE SODA FTW


LadyXaim's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
Hey, I'm Gigi. I'm a writer and singer. I'm very random and I keep an open mind :dummy: I enjoy food, dancing, singing, hanging out with friends, listening to music.... The list goes on and on and on lol. So, I'd love to meet some awesome people on here and make my writing as good as possible :iconla-plz:

Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite style of art: Writing, anime
Favourite cartoon character: Gir/Haruhi
Personal Quote:
-You can't say that when I pants an elephant
-All it knows it what is and what it is supposed to be.
-Roses don't have thorns for decoration



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